This project involved a thorough basement conversion. Previously, the space was unused and we had to perform a great number of operations in order to ensure that the space was usable. The client was a developer intending to sell the house to a potential client, so there were very few personal touches to the basement itself. We’ve implemented all the necessary plumbing and lighting solutions, as well as sealing all the walls to protect the space from moisture. After the excavation process, we’ve finished the basement off using the best materials, ending up with a sleek, modern space that can be customised by the future tenant at will.

This lovely little project is located in Jubilee Place, one of the most attractive residential areas in Chelsea. Located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Chelsea is a South-West London area that is a fantastic candidate when it comes to finding a pleasant place to live in London.

Project details

Location: Jubilee Place, Chelsea, SW3

Time: 4 months

Scope: Basement conversion

Budget: £280 thousand

Client: Developer

Style: Modern

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