At Deko Construction, we are always up for a challenge. For this house, situated on the picturesque island of Wheatley’s Eyot, we had to accommodate for the various hazards that building a home so near the water involves. We had to completely demolish the building that stood here before and started working on a new house built on stilts. It utilises the latest eco-friendly technology, with a Vissman heat pump and solar panels added to make the best use of the surrounding environment. We’ve also added a water treatment facility in the garden, thanks to which the dwellers can enjoy class-one clean water. The house’s exterior was completed with Siberian larch to truly bring out the natural beauty of this incredible lot.

Sunbury-on-Thames is one of London’s most picturesque suburbs, located in Surrey. It lies on the bank of the Thames, with several islands – or aits – adding to the breathtaking views of the area. With its historic buildings and natural beauty, it is a very inviting place.

Project details

Location: Wheatley’s Eyot, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16

Time: 5 months

Scope: demolishing of old house and construction of new one

Budget: £350 thousand

Client: Family

Style: Modern

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