For this project, we were tasked with a full renovation of the home. We performed painting both inside and outside, as well as a number of other operations that turned this house into a nice, modern home that is pleasant to stay at and offers the family inhabiting it a lot more space. We were also tasked with completely refurbishing the coach house, so that not the family has even more room to enjoy and spend time together in. The clients were very happy with the end result, and we’re very satisfied with the projects ourselves.

Wadham Gardens is one of Hampstead’s neighbourhoods, making it a part of one of the most high-end parts of London. Hampstead has more millionaires living in it than any other area within the UK.

Project details

Location: Hampstead NW3

Time: 3 months

Scope: full renovations, coach house complete refurbishment

Budget: £250 thousand

Client: Family

Style: Modern

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