A sizeable undertaking, but there is no project we couldn’t handle. For this house, we were tasked with completely refurbishing the home. We performed all the necessary additions, from things as superficial as a new coat of paint to in-depth things like replacing electrical installations. On top of the standard refurbishment, we also performed a small basement conversion to add even more usable space for the dwellers. As for the exterior, we performed two main operations – we added a brand new roof with a fully functional loft space, while the rear of the home received the addition of an all-glass extension.

Southwood is one of the most affluent suburbs in Farnborough. Other than the residents consisting of accomplished individuals, the area also houses some very important businesses. It is well known for its golf course and woodland.

Project details

Location: Southwood Road Highgate

Time: 5 months

Scope: full house and basement refurbishment, rear extension

Budget: £620 thousand

Client: Young couple

Style: Modern

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