Welcome to Deko Construction. The pioneers of ground-breaking basement conversion services in London. As the leader in the city’s construction and house renovation industry, we offer a full-spectrum design and building package that will pleasantly transform your basement. We are specialists who provide tailor-made home improvement services that will add a beautiful touch to your basement.

When it comes to limited home space, you may be thinking of a myriad creative ways to expand the existing space. Perhaps you are thinking about investing in a new property. Or maybe you want to put the lobby to some good use. Perhaps you plan on redoing the kitchen. However, not a lot of people think about utilising the basement and making the most out of it.

This becomes all the more crucial if you are based out of London due to confined spaces.

At Deko Construction, we specialise in all kinds of basement conversions, whether you’re talking about gyms, playrooms, or home cinemas. No matter if you’re talking about a home space or a commercial space, we can take on all kinds of basement renovation projects.

We promise that after seeing the before and after images, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Check if you need to apply for building regulations approval

Before you even begin planning your basement conversion, do all the research to make sure if you can just go ahead and proceed with your project, or if you need building regulations approval.


Get planning permission for your basement conversion

Basement conversion projects have the potential to become quite big. As such, they may require planning permission if they influence how your exterior looks.


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Now that you have all the approvals you need, it’s time to book a project with Deko Construction! We’ll start working on it right away.


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It won’t be long until we get back to you with a project proposal. Give it a solid look and let us know what you think, and after any necessary adjustment, we’ll proceed to making your dream project a reality!


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With very little disruption, we’ve completed the project and you’re free to enjoy you new basement! Why not have some friends over and celebrate?

Our Experience

At Deko Construction, we understand that with more laws being put in place for regulating upward building work, a lot of homeowners and property owners are left with no option but to adjust to the confined living space. Those rules often put restrictions on their dreams of enjoying adequate living space.

At Deko Construction, we create every renovation plan from scratch. This includes everything from excavating, to designing, and rebuilding London basements into a living space that is exactly in line with what you had imagined.

We are proud to have worked on countless basement renovation projects in the past, all of which came to fruition with flying colours. All that experience has bettered us over the years into meeting the client requirements. We take great pride in having successfully worked on all kinds of projects, whether they were beyond demanding or outlandishly creative in terms of their ideation and execution. All in all, we are the best in the business.

Why Us

We have been a part of the building and construction landscape for a good 20 years during which we have successfully completed countless projects. We worked with hundreds of clients who got their lofts and basements renovated.

From large to small scale projects, we have handled it all with flair and expertise. We take great pride in having served some really amazing Londoners over the years.

At Deko Construction, we give our undivided attention to every single project that we take on. We start by assessing customer needs, budget, and vision before drawing out a plan with realistic expectations

  • Therefore, we can ensure nothing but the finest customer services.
  • All the material that goes into our home construction and renovation projects is of top-notch quality.
  • On top of that, we are very particular about forming long term relationships with our clients. We make it our point to ensure customer satisfaction at every single phase of the project.

Be sure of



Basement conversion London

London is the largest city in the United Kingdom. It consists of numerous areas and neighbourhoods and that is why London has one of the biggest urban transport networks in the world. The origins of London lie in Roman times. Now it is a modern city which provides excellent opportunities for living with different scenes and sights, open green spaces, recreational areas and much more. If you feel building space shortage in London, you should use bespoke basement conversion service from Deko Construction. We will create a wonderful finished new space for you.

Basement conversion Chelsea

Chelsea is located to the west of London next to Fulham and Battersea and is considered to be a very exclusive and prestigious place to reside. It is really good for housing thanks to public transport, proximity to the city and a great number of amenities and attractions. The local property, secondary schools, parks and cultural life make Chelsea a great place to live. Are you looking to create a basement conversion in Chealsy which will become a luxury and comfortable home improvement? We offer our service in Chelsea and surrounding areas.

Basement conversion Fulham

Situated very close to the Thames with numerous attractions and beautiful architecture, Fulham is a unique and full-of-life area. It is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods with a lot of nature, handsome Victorian and Edwardian architecture, modern flats and apartments. It is a very quiet and relaxing place. If you are based in Fulham or surrounding areas and wish to transform your home and add value to your property, Deko Construction is here to offer you the best basement conversion service.

Basement conversion Kensington

Kensington is a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in the western part of London. It is considered to be an area with great cultural and scientific importance. It has top local schools, parks, shops and the greatest tourist attractions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Science Museum and Natural History Museum. Deko Construction offers full basement development service in Kensington. We will make any kind of underground rooms with minimum disruption. Call us and learn more about basement conversion in Kensington.

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